The store in the big Workshop

On the ground floor of Santa´s Workshop you will find the big stor where you can find toys, books, decorations and souvenirs. Here are also nice outfit clothes.

The candy bid

On the ground floor of the Workshop you will find the candy bid. Here you will find clubs, polka dots, chocolate, popcorn, sugar candy and many other yummy things.

The fishing shed

Near Aurora Lake in the middle of Santaworld you will find the fishing shed that is open during the summer.
Here you can borrow a fishing rod to fish in the lake to pull up some of the nice rainbow salmon or borrow a life jacket to take a boattrip. Here you will also find soda, ice cream and toys.

The Ice-cream shed

The Ice-cream shed is located on the Fairy tale square, right next to the Grill shed. The ice cream shed is open during summer and here you will find slush in all tastes, ice cream and soda. Do not miss trying our good Frappé! Here you will also find souvenirs and toys.

The Entrance shop

In the entrance shop you will find soft toys, toys and souvenirs.