Santaworlds messages



Here at Santaworld we talk a lot about how important it is to take care of each other and to take care of the animals and nature. Many of the sago figures that live on Santaworld protect the nature, like the Wood elf, for example. He knows everything about the plants and speaks of the secret sign language of nature. NisseMia one of Santaworlds most wice and nice elves. She will tell you all she has learned about her friends from the animal world.

It's important that we all take responsibility for nature and animals, because they can not speak for themselves and say if they are treated poorly. Showing each other love and respect are also important and learning from each other. We are all different and that is o good and important thing, says Santa. We belong together everybody, all different people and animals and nature and we have a common home - Mother Earth.

When we all feel well and feel safe and love, Mother is doing well and the magic GODA forces grow strong.

Everybody has Santa-power

Everything begins with the faith of a very important person, says Tomten to the children, namely, faith and love for yourself.
That you are good, just the way you are, that you are valuable and loved for who you are. Santapower is a magical force that starts and works when you recall these important things (take care of the nature, animals and each other - and belive in yourself) and with the santa-power bubbling inside, magic and amazing things can happen.

At Santaworld, the santa-power works extremely well when everyone helps and develops the santa-power simultaneously - then we get something called Superb Superduper santa-power, and when we turn it on, all the ugly wizards and Trollkings should be careful!


Together, it is easier to do good things for the world. The Collett family who owns Tomteland has for many years given support to organizations working to make our world a better place. Everyone can join us and contribute and engage in different ways. We want to recommend about organizations that´s commited and work for a better world.

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