In Tomteland you end up in the adventure where you are the hero and experience and do lots of fun things along with all the exciting fairytale-figur living here. Here you will find the Gnomes village, The Woods of the fairys, The Trolls Kongdom, The elfs house and other exciting places that you only visited in the history of the saga. But here it's all for real and you are the hero in the fairytale.

The adventures and events take place around the 16 hectare large park, sometimes as major musical performances and sometimes as activities where you and the fairytale-figur have mischief and fun together.

In the summer Tomteland is stufed with new and many more enchanted, magical and superfun experiences. So, hold someones hand hard and step into a world filled with imagination, magic and fantasy.

Sagolandet is waiting for you!