The animals in Santaworld



 At Tomteland, we learn to take care of nature and animals because they can not speak for themselves. It is our responsibility to take care of the animals and mother earth, Santa says. Read more under Santaworlds messages.

In Santaworld, the cats Måns and Ruby live and in the aquarium in the Workshop, Mrs Santa's aquarium fish and Princess Fia-Lotta's frogs live. Every now and then she walks there and kisses them, but so far no more princes than Prince Fabian have appeared.

Behind Santas house in the slope towards the enchanted forest are some of Santas flying reindeers. It is the leader reindeer, Dunder-Sven and Saga-Sunbeam and Tundra-Northenlight and their two young calves.


during the summerseason there will also be rabbits, ducks and other small animals in the park.